Materials List for Sumi-e with Roslyn Levin

 a small jar for water (about 1⁄2 cup)

 a white saucer or flat plate such as that used with a tea cup

 2 small paperweights -small rocks or chopstick stands are appropriate

 A washcloth to be used to remove excess ink – It will not be useful for anything else afterwards.

 A second small jar if you wish to incorporate colour

 Watercolours, if you wish to use them

 White Felt approximately 18”x18” or 20”x20”(from the art supply stores or Fabricland)

 1 sumi-e brush with hair about 1.25” long and a base about 1/4” wide – goat hair, horse hair or

wolf are appropriate

 washi or rice paper – it is best to get the 18” roll in the cardboard tube

 1 inkstone

 1 inkstick – note that the liquid ink is not appropriate