about maggiolly art

At Maggiolly Art, our mission is to share the joy of art with our community by providing workshops, art supplies, and art services.

Our shop and bright, professional studio serve as a creative hub in the headwaters region for artists and art lovers of all kinds!

Maggiolly Art has been serving the creative community of southern Ontario since 1996 when it was founded by artist Emilia Perri in Alliston, Ontario. Since moving to Orangeville in 2005, Maggiolly Art has shared the joy of art with thousands of students from the Headwaters Region and beyond in their informative, joy filled workshops, as well as by providing a full range of quality art supplies and art services. The store and studio serve as a meeting point for the creative community in the Headwaters region and beyond, and have inspired many aspiring artists to pursue their dream of becoming an artist. Maggiolly’s students have gone from simply having a dream, to exhibiting their work, building artist websites and forging professional careers in the visual arts. In 2014, the team at Maggiolly Art was joined by artist Ricky Schaede, who took on the role of lead teacher for kids art classes at Maggiolly Art. Countless young students have been inspired and educated in the Creative Kids Saturday Art Program and various After School Programs offered year round, taught by Ricky and our other awesome artist instructors.

“Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you’ll join us in exploring our passion for visual art!” - Maggiolly Art