MATerials list: john david anderson workshops

Canvas – 2 canvases, 12 x 16 or larger up to 16 x 20 or larger for experienced painter…smaller for less experienced

Palette – 12 x 16 palette paper pad

Palette knife – 2” long diamond end

Brushes – Flats, long handle , synthetic bristle for acrylics, natural bristle flats for oils in sizes 1 inch Flats, preferably not brights

Sketch book for notes

Masking tape

Easel, either table top or stand up easels

For acrylic painters, Matte Medium

For oil Painters, Winsor and Newton Liquin Light Gel


Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium Yellow – not orange-ish, not lemon-ish – in the middle

Cadmium Yellow Light

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Transparent Red Oxide or Transparent Burnt Sienna

Titanium White

Other colour options…

Quinacridone Violet

Cadmium Orange

Cobalt Teal

Permanent Rose

Perylene Red

Mixing White

For acrylic Painters, please seal your canvases before you come with matte medium or Golden GAC100

For Oil Painters, if you seal you canvas with Golden GAC100 and add a thin coat of gesso, not watered down, on the dry sealed surface a day before you come, you will be shocked at how wonderful the surface has become.