Alcohol Ink Explorations with MJ Brunet Materials List

Please take note that all supplies needed are available for purchase at Maggiolly Art Supplies with a student discount of 10% for artists’ registered in the class only.

  • Assorted Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks (or Ranger inks)
    Sunbright yellow, passion purple or blue violet, magenta pink, baja blue,
    Nice to have:  white, orange, your choice of metallic, green, teal, etc…

  • Terraskin paper (28” x 40” cut into smaller size i.e 9”x 10”)  OR 

  • YUPO paper 9” x 12”

  • Isopropyl alcohol 91% or more

  • Watercolour brush  (water/alcohol fillable ones)

  • Paper towels

  • straws

  • Tip applicator bottle (minimum 1)

  • Optional:   blending solution, cleaning solution