Material List for georgia o’keefe inspired poppy painting workshop with michele van maurik

Canvas: 30” X 40” 

Brushes: bristle filberts several size 4, 6’s 

Sable or synthetic filbert size 6 for blending 

2” hake brush for blending 

Q-tips ( for blending and mixing) 

Safflower oil for cleaning out brushes and or Murphys oil soap

Grey pallet paper

Light grey pastel pencil ( derwent or conte)

Liquin or Walnut alkyd medium for oils

Retarder medium for acrylics


(oil paints are preferred but students can use acrylic paints)

Titanium White
Ivory black
Cadmium yellow
Cadmium Red medium 

Scrap card stock or Bristol board for color mixing

Palette knife for mixing

Paper towel