Wendy Reid Watercolour Workshop Suggested Materials List

This is a suggested Materials list for Hot Summer Florals Watercolour Workshop

Colours – Please purchase the best watercolours that you can afford, these are tube colours:

Yellow Light or Gamboge


Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Green Gold

Quin Red


Titanium White in Acrylic Paint

India Ink

White out in a blue tube that has an applicator tip

Masking Fluid

Wax ( can be in the form of a Crayon in white)

Notebook with pencil or pen to take notes

For light drawing on your watercolour paper, a light pencil and kneadable eraser

A sheet of transfer paper

Full size sheet (22”x30) of 100 % cotton watercolour paper, usually has a water mark on it

A board such as a masonite board, at least 14”x 18” in size to tape your paper onto, plus masking tape

Good watercolour brushes:  Rigger #1 or #3, ½” flat and or less, round mop brush, 1” or wider flat watercolour brush, Round brush #2 for details

Kleenex (no lotion), paper towels, old wash cloth, 2 margarine containers to hold water


All art supplies are available at Maggiolly’s Art Supplies at a 10% student discount!