materials list for one day landscape workshop with ricky schaede

Canvas: One 16” x 20” stretched canvas.

Acrylic Paints: All students should have at minimum the three primary colours: Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow, and Primary Magenta, Titanium White and Carbon Black. My preferred brand is Golden Acrylics but any brand of acrylic paints should do as long as they’re not from the dollar store! In addition to the basic primaries, bring whatever other colours you enjoy working with.

*Acrylic Glazing Medium

Brushes: A selection of shapes and sizes ranging from fine point detail to large flat brushes. A few must haves listed below:

1” Flat Brush, 1/2” Flat Brush, 1/4” Flat Brush
Fine Point Detail Brush (a few of varying small sizes is a good idea)
Small Filbert Brush

Disposable Palette Paper
Paper Towel
White Watercolour Pencil
White Graphite Transfer Paper