materials list for how to paint with oils
with alex landon richardson

 Oil: Walnut oil (preferred) or refined linseed oil (any size, starting from smallest container upwards)

Brushes: oil painting brushes in the following sizes/shapes, one of each

*Large Hake brush* from Maggiolly Art supplies (very important item!) The 60m/m size is best - about 2" brush width

No. 12 Flat

No. 12 Filbert

No. 12 Round

No. 8 Filbert

No. 2 Flat

No. 1 Round

Large flat brush for washes, any size above No. 12

Paints: Oil paints, any brand, in following colours

Titanium white (large size)

Following colours in small size:

Sap green

Pthalo green

Pthalo blue

Cadmium yellow

Prussian blue

Terra Rosa

Burnt Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Terre Verte or Olive Green (either)

Cadmium Red

Alizarin Crimson

Cobalt Blue

Small container of acrylic matte gel medium

Canvas: (pre-stretched, pre-primed canvas) in the following sizes:

2 canvasses 18 x 24" thin edge or gallery wrap edge

Palette: paper palette pad or resuable plastic, students' preference

Brush Cleaning: Paper towel.