materials list for making christmas bright with andrea trace

Here are the required materials for ‘Making Christmas Bright with Andrea Trace’. Most materials are available for purchase at Maggiolly Art with your 10% student discount!

  • 20 sheets or more of plain white tissue paper.

  • White drawing paper 90lb or heavier (sketchbook paper, washi and/or watercolour paper will all work; bring a variety to experiment with)

  • Card stock or heavier water colour paper for tags and cards.

  • Fluid acrylic paint, 3 or more colours (choose your preferred colour scheme)

  • Acrylic medium (gloss gel or similar)

  • Palette for acrylic paints.

  • Paint brushes: one wide soft flat brush for painting tissue (2" flat, 3" flat) and round brushes in a few sizes

  • Stamp pads (archival are best) 3 or more colours (your choice)

  • Scissors, hole punch, exacto knife, ruler, pencil, eraser (cutting mat optional)

  • Acid free white glue

  • Glue brush (a paint brush specifically designated for use with glue, could be any type of brush as long as there is no colour on it!)

  • Black permanent marker

  • Spray bottle (water)


  • Any favourite rubber stamps you'd like to bring.

  • Coloured pencils, coloured markers

  • Acrylic or alcohol ink

  • Coloured paper scraps for collage

  • Metallic markers, paints and/or inks